Complete Details about Hydrocyclone to Know before You Buy it

What is a Hydrocyclone and How Does it Work?

A hydrocyclone is a device used in a variety of industries for the purpose of separating and classifying particles in a liquid suspension. It is a cylindrical device with a conical section at the top, and is typically made of metal or plastic. The device works by introducing the liquid suspension into the top of the hydrocyclone, where it is then forced through the conical section. As the liquid passes through the conical section, centrifugal forces cause the heavier particles to move outward and the lighter particles to move inward. The heavier particles are then forced to the outer wall of the hydrocyclone and are discharged through the bottom, while the lighter particles are discharged through the top.


The hydrocyclone is an efficient device for separating and classifying particles in a liquid suspension, and is used in a variety of industries such as mining, food processing, and chemical processing. It is a cost-effective and reliable method for separating and classifying particles, and is often used in place of more expensive and complex filtration systems.

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