Do you know the six advantages of polyurethane screens?

The six major advantages of polyurethane screens allow everyone to more accurately select the right product when purchasing screens.
①Polyurethane screen has long service life

It has high strength, high wear resistance and strong load-bearing capacity, so its service life is 8-10 times longer than that of metal screens, which greatly reduces the amount of replacement and maintenance, and improves economic benefits.

②The raw materials for the production of polyurethane screens are new polymer materials

This kind of production raw material has been specially treated and has good wear resistance and flex resistance, which can ensure that it will not delaminate under long-term alternating loads.

③High screening and screening efficiency

The polyurethane screen has excellent elasticity and relaxation properties, which can effectively prevent screen clogging under high-frequency vibration, thus improving screening efficiency.

④Wide range of application and high professional performance

Polyurethane screens are now widely used in mining, coal mines, iron ore, coal, coal washing, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plants and other industries, and have such high performance in professional screening and filtration.

⑤High screening accuracy

Because the production process of the polyurethane screen itself has high standards in all aspects, the quality of the screened materials is also particularly high.

⑥Low working noise

Through actual testing, the polyurethane screen has noise reduction performance and greatly reduces dust flying, giving workers a quiet and clean working environment.

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