PU screen mesh,PU dewatering screens,Cross Tensioned Polyurethane

We are about to participate in the 2024 Novokuznetsk International mining Exhibition in Russia-UGOL ROSSII & MINING
Собираемся принять участие в Новокузнецкой международной горнодобывающей выставке 2024 в России-УГОЛЬ РОССИИ & MINING
Time: June 4-June 7, 2024
Booth number: Hall 2 2.C5
Location: Novokuznetsk, Russia

We look forward to your visit to our booth Hall 2 2.C5. Our company is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment spare parts with 25 years of production experience. Mainly produces: polyurethane/Rubber mesh, cyclones, rotors and stators, conveyor cleaners, lined pipes and other products. We look forward to discussing the products with you at the show.
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