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The Benefits of Using a Self-Adjusting Belt Scraper for Secondary Conveyor Belts. Secondary conveyor belts are used in many industries to transport materials from one place to another. The conveyor belt is a critical component of the system, and it needs to be kept clean and free of debris in order to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. One of the best ways to keep a conveyor belt clean is to use a belt scraper. A belt scraper is a device that is attached to the conveyor belt and is designed to scrape off any debris that accumulates on the belt. The most effective type of belt scraper is the self-adjusting belt scraper. This type of belt scraper is designed to automatically adjust itself to the changing conditions of the conveyor belt, ensuring that it is always scraping off the debris. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a self-adjusting belt scraper for secondary conveyor belts


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